trash the dress fun in the sun {Galveston, TX, beach wedding photographer}

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll recognize this beautiful smile. Recognize the “I” in my weddings logo? I’m slowly trying to show my poor weddings blog some love (I promise I blog consistently on my portrait photography blog and my family blog, but this one is my third child, and, well, it sometimes gets accidentally left at the playground–you see why I could never have a real third child?! I would be the worst.) So, these pics are a little old, but I made sure to pick some that I’ve never shown before. And, this is my one and only “trash the dress” session I’ve ever done, so it’s my favorite! :) And, I’ll let you in on a little secret. This lovely bride really wanted a “trash the dress” session, so she bought this gently used copy for our fun in the sand and saved her real dress for the wedding. Isn’t that the best idea?! galveston beach wedding photographer galveston beach wedding photographer galveston beach wedding photographer galveston beach wedding photographer galveston beach wedding photographer galveston beach wedding photographerSo gorgeous! Want to trash your own dress on the beach? Give me a call. 508.768.5808 or

romantic picnic in Burroughs Park {The Woodlands, TX, anniversary photographer}

Surely you must remember the wedding of these two love birds? The Mrs. gave me a call to remind me it’s their one-year anniversary and to tell me they needed new pictures to celebrate. She wanted a sweet picnic with all of their favorite wedding tchotchkes at sunset. Um, sign me up! We went to Burroughs Park in Tomball…along with every other person in Texas, in turns out. We were able to get a little pocket of privacy with some sun-drenched goodness for these oh-so-adorable pics. (For you photographers reading this, Burroughs Park in Tomball is one of my all-time favorite spots to shoot around Houston. However, please be mindful of the plethora of picnic tables and trash cans. You’ll be Photoshop cloning all night, if you’re not careful.) the woodlands texas wedding engagement photographer This might be my favorite one of the whole set. So sweet!the woodlands texas wedding engagement photographer These two are so fun together–always laughing. the woodlands texas wedding engagement photographerThis one’s my second favorite. I love the colors, the sun, the setup, and–of course–the love. :) one year anniversary Ok, sweet couple, thanks for such a lovely afternoon. Dear Hubby, sorry we ran a little long, but when the sun is that good and your wife is that lovely, you just have to keep snapping away! At least you got to enjoy a little cake with your photos, right?! Again, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, and here’s to so many more. Love, Andrea P.S., For those of you newly-engaged, considering-getting-engaged, or thinking, “What is this dude waiting for? Pop the question already!” ladies, give me a call for some engagement pics as soon as he puts that ring on your finger. Or, if it’s been a year since the wedding, and you need your own little picnic in the park, give me a shout. Although, I might have to call the Mrs. above to be the stylist for the shoot. or 508.768.5808

my beach wedding picture…15 years late {The Woodlands, TX, beach wedding photographer}

Hello, friends! Are you ready for a back story? My super-duper-amazing-high-school-sweetheart husband and I got married 15+ years ago in his darling hometown Louisiana church where he grew up and his parents and many of our friends still attend. It was lovely, and I have some very sweet pictures from it. Here it comes…, BUT I really would have loved a beach wedding. We were practically babies still, and it wasn’t really feasible for us at the time, but I sure would have loved some honeymoon sunset beach pictures, at least. Fast forward to adulthood and many more photography options and many anniversaries later and you’re getting this post. For our 5-year anniversary, we were separated by war. For our 10-year anniversary, we had our first baby and renewed our vows in a beautiful ceremony of just the three of us. For 15 years, I told David all I wanted were some wedding-ish pictures on the beach from my favorite photographer. It fell through with her and after trying to contact/work with three other photographers (so I’m a little picky when it comes to my 15-year long dream), I finally gave up and decided to do it myself 6 months late. Here’s the end result of a family vacation to Pensacola Beach, a DVD on in the car for the two whiny-pants kids, a sunset, a tripod, and timer. the woodlands tx beach wedding photographerIf you’d like your own beach wedding (or honeymoon or, heck, 15-year anniversary) pics, give me a holler. It’s my goal to be on the beach–any beach–as often as I can all summer long. or 508.768.5808

Love, still-wanting-to-be-a-bride, Andrea

P.S. I promise to post some non-Andrea posts soon. I am so darn picky about the weddings I choose to shoot that I usually only do one or two a year. It’s like children for me…if I had any more, I’d feel guilty about neglecting the first ones. :)

P.P.S. Have you heard of I Heart Faces? It’s a super cute photography site that has great photo challenges. I thought this would be a great one for this month’s pastel theme. Wish me luck! :)

Get her to the wedding on time! {Galveston, TX, wedding photographer}

So, if you’ve checked into the wedding side of my business, you can see that I’ve been slacking with my posts. I’m going to try to improve that; it still will be few and far between, because I’m so busy with my portraits side, but I want to make it fewer and far betweener.

I’m going to go back and post from some of my favorite weddings I shot before I ever started this blog. Since I shoot on my own, I rarely get a photo of myself working, so I thought I’d share a few phone pics that my most favoritest wedding coordinator took from my last beach wedding. Which, by they way, I’m only advertising shooting weddings in Galveston and destinations from now on. I figure if I’m going to be working a bazillion-hour day, I should be at the beach doing it.

Here’s a little rundown of our beach wedding day: The wedding started at midday, so it was an early start. I woke up to a gorgeous sunrise and was too lazy to unpack my perfectly packed up gear to take a good shot. Cell phone it is. After getting a rental car, I waited in line for the Galveston ferry to get to Crystal Beach. I may or may not have been singing “I’m on a boat,” for the duration. Ok, yes. Yes I was.
andrea bacle galveston wedding photographer

I had rented a couple of long lenses (I’m constantly renting new lenses to see what I want to put on my wish list. Fellow photographers out there, I love to rent from Photo Rental Source in Houston; they are super fab.), so I had to take some shots from the ferry.
andrea bacle galveston wedding photographer andrea bacle galveston wedding photographer andrea bacle galveston wedding photographer andrea bacle galveston wedding photographerAh, finally made it! The wedding was held at a beautiful beach house overlooking the ocean. I had to get the dress and the beach in the same pic.andrea bacle galveston wedding photographerIsn’t getting ready the most exciting part?! It’s almost time….
andrea bacle galveston wedding photographerHere comes the bride! I love, love, love to get the groom’s expression when he first sees his bride. andrea bacle galveston wedding photographerThis was parked outside next to the beach house, and I just thought it was so lovely.

andrea bacle galveston wedding photographerI’m super excited to start advertising with The Knot for weddings. I’ll attach the link to my store front when I get it up and running. If you’d love to book me for your beach wedding, give me a holler. 508.768.5808 or

after the party it’s the after party {The Woodlands/Spring, TX, wedding photographer}

I’m sure you remember my Galveston/Crystal Beach wedding from last month. So, how cool is this? Since we didn’t do any formal engagement or bridal sessions, this oh-so-lovely bride decided she wanted to do an after-wedding shoot.

Ok, LOVING this. No stress, no anxiety, no rushing around, and you get to wear your wedding dress again?! Has there been a more perfect idea? I think not. (If I liked my wedding dress more, I would totally steal this idea and copy these pictures; yes, I can fortunately still fit into it, but Birdie has worn it so many times already, I don’t know how it would look for pics. She keeps it under her bed to give her sweet dreams.)

Ok, brace yourself and get ready for it…this bridge is where the groom proposed!

Everyone together: “Awww!” I’m telling you, this bride and I are meant to be.

Hmm, champagne with a fun-loving, happy bride and groom? Nope. Couldn’t think of a better way to spend my morning. (Do you see the cork falling?)
humble kindgwood the woodlands tx wedding photographer This bridge is the Bevil Jarrell bridge between Humble and Kingwood. Who knew we had this around here? I’m already thinking about what clients I have that I could talk into driving here for family pictures. Ooh, or senior portraits.

Seriously, a kissy picture on the bridge where they were engaged in their wedding attire? It’s too much. I might actually faint. humble kindgwood the woodlands tx wedding photographer Really. If this genuine smile and obvious happiness doesn’t make you feel good, nothing will!humble kindgwood the woodlands tx wedding photographer humble kindgwood the woodlands tx wedding photographerThank you, thank you for asking me to be there to document all of these moments for you, and thanks for tolerating me and my super cheesy nerdiness. And thank you Ms. Janine of Altar WeGo for sending yet another amazing bride my way. I’ll have the rest ready for you soon, sweet bride.

Love, Andrea

hello, beautiful Crystal Beach wedding {The Woodlands and Galveston, TX, wedding photographer}

Whew! It took a rental car, two nights in a bartered-for condo, two rented lenses, two ferry rides, and two pairs of shoes, but it was all so worth it to get to photograph this beautiful couple getting married. If I hadn’t been a teenager when I’d gotten married (Ok, not really. But close!), I would have LOVED to have a beach wedding. I was so lucky to be the photographer for this Crystal Beach wedding this past weekend. It was just as lovely as I thought it could be.

So, this first shot might just be my favorite of the whole darn thing. My husband cracks me up all day long, and I don’t think we have one picture that captures the pure love and laughter that this one does. I’m totally jealous! This was during their first dance, and they were having such a wonderful time together, enjoying those first moments as husband and wife, and the groom was whispering funny things in the bride’s ear the whole time. It was very sweet to watch. the woodlands and galveston beach wedding photographe

How’s this for a “kiss the bride” moment? I’m not sure it’s appropriate to be so jealous of my clients. :)the woodlands and galveston beach wedding photographeThis beautiful bride and her wedding planner put together such a perfect beach house wedding. The lovely bride had previously sent me her Pinterest inspiration board to give me some ideas of pictures she wanted (GREAT idea, all you brides-to-be out there). Well, when I walked onto the deck of the beach house that morning, I was astonished! Her Pinterest board had been brought to life. When I get cranking with my edits, I’ll do a post of all the pretty little details they had.

We didn’t specifically do a bridal shoot before this wedding, so I wanted to make sure I gave her some “bridal portrait” kind of images, too. So sweet and pretty.the woodlands and galveston beach wedding photographe

The bride put so much hard work and effort and organization into this wedding. In my eyes, it was perfect. I hope it turned out to be the wedding you wanted. Love these details!the woodlands and galveston beach wedding photographerMr. and Mrs. G, thanks so much for hiring me to capture your special day. I always feel especially lucky to witness a couple profess their lifelong love. I can’t wait to show you the rest of your beautiful pictures!

Love, Andrea